About CAST

The Canadian Association for Sandplay Therapy (CAST) has been a National Society member of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST) founded by Dora Kalff, since 1998. CAST's role as a national society is to promote the development of sandplay in Canada by providing training, offering opportunities for professional exchange, and maintaining guidelines for professional practice. Successful training candidates will achieve international certification with ISST.

CAST's focus in recent years has been to become recognized as the centre for sandplay training in Canada, both by expanding its programmes and by integrating its standards of practice with the emergent regulation of psychotherapy in various provinces. It is important to note that CAST is not a regulatory body. Certification by CAST/ISST requires that any provincial regulations regarding the practice of psychotherapy are adhered to.

A pivotal role in the history of CAST was played by Dr. Nehama Baum of Toronto, who brought together a group that felt "called to" Sandplay Therapy. She organized the first meeting of CAST in September 1993, at which time the association established its organizational structure, goals, membership guidelines, board of directors, and training guidelines.

CAST's inaugural conference, Sandplay: A Magical Journey, took place in 1993. Distinguished faculty included Linda Bath (US), Nehama Baum (Canada), Paola Carducci (Italy), Yvonne Federer (then Canada, now Switzerland), Martin Kalff (Switzerland), Adriana Mazzarella (Italy) and Claudio Risé (Italy). The European presenters at the inaugural conference agreed to serve as honorary board members, along with Kay Bradway and Estelle Weinrib (US) who were unable to attend the conference.


The Canadian Association for Sandplay Therapy
[ Bea Donald represented CAST at the ISST Board meeting in August 2017 in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. ISST Board members are pictured above. ]

CAST is a national society member of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy, founder Dora Kalff.

Through CAST's membership in ISST, which is an allied organization of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) founded by C.G. Jung, CAST certified members are able to attend IAAP Congresses.

As part of CAST's focus on staying current with regulatory developments, we are a member of the Alliance of Psychotherapy Training Institutes and the Ontario Alliance of Mental Health Practitioners.

2017 Team

Board of Directors

  • President: Olga Lipadatova
  • Past President/Registrar: Barbara Dalziel
  • Treasurer: Louise Thompson
  • Administrative Assistant: Ioanna Solomatina
  • ISST Representative: Beatrice Donald

Members at Large:

  • Maria Iosue
  • Sylvia Simonyi-Elmer
  • Dariel Cole
  • Lezli Wrixon

Honorary Members:

  • Kay Bradway +
  • Paola Carducci +
  • Martin Kalff
  • Adriana Mazzarella
  • Claudio Rise
  • Estelle Weinrib +


  • Louise Thompson